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References and Notes for Gold ( Au )

  Ref. ID   Reference 
BG78   C. M. Brown and M. L. Ginter, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 68, 243 (1978). 
ED71   J. C. Ehrhardt and S. P. Davis, J. Opt. Soc. Am. 61, 1342 (1971). 
FW96   J. R. Fuhr and W. L. Wiese, NIST Atomic Transition Probability Tables, CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics, 77th Edition, D. R. Lide, Ed., CRC Press, Inc., Boca Raton, FL (1996). 
M00    D. C. Morton, Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser. 130, 403 (2000). 
MCS75  W. F. Meggers, C. H. Corliss, and B. F. Scribner, Natl. Bur. Stand. (U.S.), Monogr. 145 (1975). 
RW97   M. Rosberg and J.-F. Wyart, Phys. Scr. 55, 690 (1997). The uncertainty of the 5d10 1S ground level is 0.06 cm-1 with respect to the best determined excited levels. The estimated relative uncertainties of the excited Au II levels given here are about 0.005 cm-1 except for the 5d96d level at 116050.55 cm-1, which has an uncertainty of about 0.2 cm-1. The intensities of the lines above 2000 Å are based on the "peak value" intensities from this reference, except that we have increased the intensities (to somewhat arbitrary values) for three transitions to metastable lower 5d96s levels that were clearly affected by self-absorption. The intensities of most of the lines below 2000 Å are also based roughly on values estimated by Rosberg and Wyart, but we have expanded the scale. We have omitted term names for the two Au II 5d86s2 levels designated as 3P2 and 3F2 because the eigenvectors indicate that no meaningful single-term names exist for them.