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References and Notes for Helium ( He )

  Ref. ID   Reference 
BBBL98 S. D. Bergeson, A. Balakrishnan, K. G. H. Baldwin, T. B. Lucatorto, J. P. Marangos, T. J. McIlrath, T. R. O'Brian, S. L. Rolston, C. J. Sansonetti, J. Wen, N. Westbrook, C. H. Cheng, and E. E. Eyler, Phys. Rev. Lett. 80, 3475 (1998). 
BDD72  H. G. Berry, J. Desesquelles, and M. Dufay, Phys. Rev. A 6, 600 (1972). 
BM00   J. Baker and P. Mohr, unpublished calculations (2000). 
D03    G. W. F. Drake, calculated energies for He I levels (2003), to be published in Can. J. Phys. These data comprise a revision of Table 11.7 of [D96].
D96    G. W. F. Drake, High Precision Calculations for Helium, in Atomic Molecular, & Optical Physics, G.W.F. Drake, Ed. (American Inst. of Physics, Woodbury, New York, 1996), pp. 154-171. 
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L70a   U. Litzén, Phys. Scr. 2, 103 (1970). 
M02    W. C. Martin, ongoing compilation of data for He I (2002). This work includes an updating of the energy-level data in [M87]. The uncertainty of the excited-level system and limit with respect to the ground level is about 0.002 cm-1 [EUVH97, BBBL98]. References for most of the more recent experimental data are given in [DM98]. Some level separations are known to six or more decimal places, but have here been rounded to four places. The values for some levels are derived from recent theoretical calculations [D03]. The wavelengths are calculated from the energy levels. The estimated uncertainty of the wavelengths of the resonance lines given to five places (507-591 Å) is at most one unit in the fifth place.
M60a   W. C. Martin, J. Res. Natl. Bur. Stand. (U.S.) 64A, 19 (1960). 
M87    W. C. Martin, Phys. Rev. A 36, 3575 (1987). 
MK00b  P. Mohr and S. Kotochigova, unpublished calculations (2000). Several weaker fine-structure components for the He II multiplet at 4685 Å have been omitted here.
TW71   J. L. Tech and J. F. Ward, Phys. Rev. Lett. 27, 367 (1971).