NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory Handbook of Basic Atomic Spectroscopic Data

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Atomic Data for Lithium (Li)

Atomic Number = 3

Atomic Weight = 6.941

Reference E95

Isotope  Mass      Abundance Spin Mag Moment
6Li 6.015121 7.5% 1 +0.822056 7Li 7.016003 92.5% 3/2 +3.25644
Li I  Ground State 1s22s  2S1/2
      Ionization energy  43487.150 cm-1 (5.391719 eV)   Ref. K87
Li II Ground State 1s2  1S0
      Ionization energy  610078 cm-1 (75.6400 eV)   Ref. DM01